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. : M E I A : . by Roromi-chi . : M E I A : . by Roromi-chi


She has black boots on her humanloid version, okay? She's not legless:iconsopsplz:

Name: Meia

Age: 16

Symbol Mark: On her right cheek

Type: EHC

Nationality: Japanese (Kinda has Icelander blood)

Gender: Female

Division: Hackers (L)

Height/Weight: 159cm 45kg



Meia is a kuudere girl who doesn't open to others a lot due to her lonely past. To people who she doesn't know, she will just reply to their questions and just play with her pet squirrel. She will soon open up to you when you do something that grabs her attention. 


She is straight forward when it comes to accomplishing the mission. She states the answer without any hesitation. She quickly thinks of a solution when something fails in their mission but sometimes, her solution is retarded such as " Let's screw everything up and run "

Nice & Innocent

At first sight, you will probably think that she's is anti social girl, but as you get to know her, you will realize that she is actually nice and innocent. She loves small animals such as squirrel, hamster, and bunny. As a Council of she takes care of all of her members in her division and wouldn't let anyone get hurt.


She loves to go on adventure to dangerous places in both Electrical and Humanloid way and usually, she comes back like nothing had just happened. She is not afraid to point out mistakes on other scary looking human outside and would not hesitate to fight when they try to attack her.


Fujioka Kuri, also known as Meia, born from Japanese father and 1/3 Icelander and 2/3 Japanese mother. She was weak and sick girl who was kept in a hospital as soon as her birth in Japan. She had high Asthma which prevented her to do harsh activity.

Staying in hospital for 6 years since birth, Meia was homeschooled in the hospital and her parents visited her twice a day. Meia didn't mind her society around her but eventually, was stuck with ventilator due to her breathing complex.

4 years later when Meia was 10, her Asthma got better and was able to live without ventilator and was able to go to school. She was happy that she was able to go outside for the first time and go to her house. She was enrolled to elementary school and got some nice friends and spent her rest of the elementary and Middle school life like an ordinary girl. 

Starting her 3rd year of middle school life when she was 14, she went to same school as her friends and spent her life like she spent in elementary and first year of middle school. Meia was so happy that she forgot about her past when she was kept in the hospital, until her asthma got worse and suddenly passed out in school.  

When Meia woke up, she realized that she was stuck with ventilator again. Nurse saw her and quickly called the doctor and the doctor told Meia that she was in coma for 4 weeks. Few minutes later, Meia's parents arrived and told Meia that she passed out in school and was sent to the hospital. Meia had to stop attending school and was kept in hospital again. Week later, she recovered a little so she didn't had to use a ventilator. She spent her time being in front of the computer, starting off with basic programming, she was able to hack into complicated system since she didn't have anything to do, she was able to learn how to hack in by herself, but also because she was born between programmer mother and FBI father.

While she was spending her time programming as usual, nurse told Meia that she should go take a walk around the hospital garden because it's bad to be on the internet for a long time. Meia pouted but obeyed the nurse and went outside. Few minutes later, Meia was walking around in the garden and met her first friend in the hospital, Kisaragi Kairi. Meia and Kairi immediately become friends and spent their time together. She was spending her hospital life happily for 1year with him, but at the same time, her asthma got worse and the doctor told her parents that she has a new disease that is hard to cure and told she will last only a week. 
Meia's Asthma and the new unknown disease got worse and worse and eventually, Meia felt unconscious frequently. Meia knew she wouldn't last long. Then she suddenly had an urge to go outside and go to her childhood secret flower garden that she used to go with her friend once more before she dies. She secretly changed into her clothes and wore a hat in disguise and weakly ran outside hiding from the nurses.

When Meia was desperately running to go to the garden, she started to feel unconscious little by little but she kept on running.

"I don't have enough time....." 

About an hour passed and Meia knew she was almost there but she didn't know if she will actually last till there. Her asthma worsened and she had a feeling that someone was following behind her but she didn't mind. She was now in front of the garden.  

"I'm here-......" 

Meia smiled but collapsed on the ground at the same time. As her consciousness faded she wished,

'Next time when I'm reborn, I want to be healthy. Healthy enough to live a normal life,'


- Small animals

- Games

- Horror

- Being with friends

- Ice cream

- Kisaragi Kairi (Another OC of mine :iconimadplz: )

- Programming (Hacking)

- Being inside the computer and exploring 


- Sleeping

- Hospital

- Being left out

- Getting ill


    None ATM


    - Her only friend in the hospital was Kisaragi Kairi-

    - Her alternate self before becoming a cyborg had japanese features with blue eyes

    - She mostly spends her time as Electrical cyborg

    - She loves to play around :iconmingplz:

    - Meia and Kairi died at the same date :iconheplz: //slapped

    - She likes getting called Meia rather than Kuri or Fujioka

    - She always hides her past and when others ask, she replies with "I actually don't now about myself, my memory has disappeared long time ago," but if she is close enough with you, she will tell her past.

    - Shh she has this secret doll room where she keeps every single cute stuff she got from outside and if you find her in there, she will try to make any excuses to make you believe that it's nothing.

    - She's pro at hacking

    - When you make her mad or annoyed, she will always take a revenge on them

    - When she needs to fight or if it's part of revenge, she electrifies them She's a pikachu

    - TBA

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