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September 20, 2013
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I-H Kokonose Yui by Roromi-chi I-H Kokonose Yui by Roromi-chi
EDIT: Yes, I changed it into a boy UuU 

For :iconikehara-high: :iconwooowplz:

This group is so awesome :iconteyuplz:


Name: Kokonose, Yui

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birthday: February 14th

Class: 1-A

Club: Drama

Height: 175cm

Weight: 55kg 



Status: Single ; v ;



Yui trips on a plain ground, and sleeps at any moment. The reason why he is like that is because he is used to be on an ice more than ground and he didn't sleep a lot because he had to study after skating with is about 10:00pm


Yui is very caring. He can't stand bullying/torturing/Lost/No friends etc.. He will always help them to be happy again~ or sometimes, he will beat the crap out of the bullies.



-two sided-


- Before Kindergarden -

Yui was born in Tokyo, Nerima-ku. He was 1st child of Kokonose family. Yui's family was very rich. His parents were always nice to Yui.

- Kindergarden -

When Yui was in kindergarden, he was very hyper and talkative. She also loved to go on an adventure to his neighbour and get tons of sweets. He was very happy to get all of those sweets. He sometimes went to his friend's house and share those sweets with them. At kindergarden, he was always asking questions about food to the teacher and drawing tons of food. He passed her kindergarden with repeating the same routine.

- Elementary -

Elementary was most busy time for Yui. His parents decided to make Yui learn Ice Hokey since they were amazed by a Ice hokey player and wanted their child to be like that too. Yui had to practice everyday right after school, which made him spend less time visiting the neighbour. At class, he was always day dreaming, which made him get F on every class. Yui didn't even enjoy skating at first, but he started to like a little by little, while learning and being better at it.

- Middle School -

Yui continued learning figure skating after graduating elementary school. his legs started to hurt and have a lot of bruises cause of that. But he kept on practicing, which made his parents proud. He still didn't cared about her grades that much but he started to study a little since his parents were upset about his grade and started to say a lecture how he should work hard on both studying and ice hokey. 

- High School -

Yui graduated Middle School with Ds and Cs. She wondered what high school he should go to. His parents suggested Yui to go to Ikehara High since the school structure was good and it was new challenge for Yui. (They also made him go there cause maybe, MAAAYBe, he might be able to skate on the lake in the winter,OF COURSE, it will be very very very dangerous ; v ; )


- Food

- Clinging to others

- Anime

- Dogs/Cats

- Ice Hokey 

- Ruri (shhhhhh)



- Studying

- Reading (Except Manga)

- Llama


Additional Information:

- He has hard time calling other people 'senpai'

- He loves sweets and tends to eat everyday, but he never gets over weighted

- He sleeps too fast no matter what situation he's in (Classroom/Lecture/running/etc...)

- He calls Ruri Onee-san ^q^

- He's pretty strong :iconnyoronplz:

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